The Whole Family Can Have Fun at the Owensboro YMCA

The Whole Family Can Have Fun at the Owensboro YMCA

Register your child for one of our youth sports teams in Owensboro, KY

Children who play sports tend to be healthier, have better time management skills and have more confidence than their peers. With that in mind, you should register your child for youth sports at the Owensboro YMCA.

We offer a wide range of youth activities, so we're popular with families in Owensboro, KY and the surrounding areas. In addition to youth sports, members have access to the aquatic center and wellness programs.

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Youth Gymnastics

Time to bring your smile and your Y spirit! Learn basic skills of cheerleading, such as jumps, motions, dance, basic tumbling techniques, play games and have fun!

Wiggle & Giggle at Toddler Time

Stories, songs, kindergarten readiness, exploring, and more! This program empowers toddlers to explore their interests, provides an outlet for social interaction, stimulates creative thinking, and promotes motor development! Parent required to attend with child. FREE - Member benefit

Little Movers

Little Movers

Ages 1-3 yrs

This early learning locomotor class allows children the opportunity to explore different areas of movement with the help of a parent. We will learn about flexibility, muscle strength, balance, muscular endurance, and proprioception! This is a beginner class that will guide children on the elements of a class structure that include circle time with stretches, instruction of activities from a teacher, and an inclusive game to learn to work together for an end result. FREE - Member benefit | Non-Members: $39+tax

All youth programs are sponsored by Norton Children's

Cheer & Tumble
Youth Basketball Camp at KWC
Youth Basketball for ages 4-5 & 6-8
Youth Soccer League