Work Out and Stay Healthy in Owensboro, KY

You can get a YMCA membership for the whole family

Family members that work out together form strong bonds and motivate each other to reach their goals. With a YMCA membership, you can bring your children to the Owensboro YMCA and teach them healthy habits they'll lean on their whole lives.

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs and services that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. For nearly 160 years, the Y has listened and responded to needs in communities around the country. In 10,000 neighborhoods across the nation, we have created beneficial opportunities and programs that serve everyone.

Sign up for a YMCA membership in Owensboro, KY today. The registration process is simple and the rewards are numerous.

Participate in one of our community health programs

Whether you're trying to slim down or bulk up, you'll be inspired and encouraged by our community health programs. We strive to help participants reach their wellness goals by eating healthy and exercising.

The YMCA stands out from other nonprofits and other fitness centers. That's because it:

  • Focuses on strengthening the community
  • Nurtures potential in young people
  • Has a local presence and a global reach
  • Connects people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Forms partnerships to deliver positive change

Call 270-926-9622 today to find out more about our community health programs in Owensboro, KY.